About Us

The team at Denis Travel has many years experience helping our amazing customers with their travel needs. Our customer base reaches across Canada & the United States. We have personally travelled to many different destinations. 5 star hotels to backpacking in Europe to name a few of the many experiences we can share with our customers. Our customers travel experience is very important to us.


All Inclusive Vacation

Let experienced agents at Denis Travel help you with your All Inclusive Vacation. We can find the best prices and times for booking! Our quotes are always free!

Weddings & Groups

Your wedding is our priority at Denis Travel. We have many years experience in this area of travel and will be here every step of the way to assist you through the booking & planning.

European Holidays

Tours, hotels... There are so many options for your European Holiday! We can help you plan the trip of a lifetime across Europe.

Disney Adventures

Let the fun begin!!! Disney Adventures is a favorite to many of my clients and their families. Florida, Anaheim or maybe a Cruise… The options are endless. Your families favorite holiday is very important to us at Denis Travel.

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